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For men about courses for women in Feminine Power and Feminine Leadership

Some men think the idea of ​​women who go together together, forming sisterhoods and, among other things, exploring leadership and feminine sexuality, is scary, perhaps even repulsive.

If you are a woman and have a man who has this, then I will recommend you to give him compassion.

Just as the woman’s wife feels offended and wounded by the man’s wife, there are also (more and more) men who feel hurt and offended by the woman’s wife.

Additionally, the feminine since 1968 has been associated with mandehad, burned brass, puffy women in overalls and castrated men who were discarded, regardless of what they did to dance after her pipe after she took the pants.

Just as there is a lot to be healed and renewed one way there is much to be healed and renewed the other way.

Today, the task of masculine is not to suppress the feminine (in itself, in women and in society), but to admit it to it.

It requires great wisdom on the part of women to ward off men’s fear of furier, carnivorous plants, manipulatrics, narrefisses, dominatrixes and other female shadow archetypes that men have met on their way, perhaps with their mothers, lovers and female executives .

Women must be as sensitive as they want men to be to win men’s confidence.

We must also be willing to be as patient to our men as we have to be to ourselves.

The consciousness awakening is a process and it does not happen overnight.

If you are a man and read this, it might be interesting for you to hear from another man that you have nothing to lose because your woman learns to master her femininity – on the contrary, you have everything to win.

Do not take my word for good goods, hear it from another man (my own).


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