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The feminine sexuality

It was summer and I sat in deep meditation, dressed in white. Suddenly it came to me that what has gone wrong in the history of civilization is when we lost respect for the Holy Shot.

Because of this, we lost the recognition of the sacred in the life-giving and life-bearing aspect of existence . In this connection, the feminine became secondary. And we lost the sense of significance this has for the whole. Both our own whole and the great.

In our entirety, women became what my students very much call “scorned ladies”. That is, women who usually have both their head and heart in the right place, but no one or no connection to the body.

For thousands of years, women have been told that the lap is a bit sinful, which is more likely to be ashamed. This section was only used for special festive occasions: in the bridal chamber, for children’s births or in the toilet. Or to please men for their blame, or as payment for overcrowding and some to support the children.

Love in women has been associated with guilt, and so far we have only had two options for female sexuality: luder or madonna.

Some believe that this explains the power of the structures in society: Men have never been ashamed of their sexuality. On the contrary, most men are proud of their gender and have been using this force to conquer both nations, markets, tops and women.

But this is changing. Today, we see more and more progressive men who on behalf of the Masculine Gender publicly apologize for all the attacks and crossings that have taken place through history. Modern Western men, especially from the new generations, have better contact with their feminine side, and are far more sensitive and empathetic than their ancestors. Many want equality, but it is not as easy to evolve as it may seem as long as so much of the gender’s dance lies in the unconscious. Even in the West, we are still under the power of culture, and in lots of countries around the world, the gender’s gender is still only desirable – for men.

The problem is that the little gender story affects the great . As I have written about in my new Gyldendal Business book The Future is Feminine , which is about the rules of the 21st century leadership, there will be no whole in society as long as we as culture do not respect the life-giving and life-supporting aspect. For that reason we will continue the rape of nature and a focus on growth for the sake of growth, regardless of the cost of quality of life and sustainability.

What the fewest are aware of is that our creative power lives in the lap.

So when we do not have contact with the lap – and its connection to the whole – we miss the resources that will solve our problems, both our own, in relationships, in families, in business and in society.

In yoga anatomy is called the power of the lap for “our unused potential.” Who should take leadership to wake it up?

In my optics, women can not expect men and leaders to do it for them.

We must take leadership ourselves to restore the broken links between the lap, heart and brain.

Therefore, last year, I did a course called The Holy Shot, where we spent a whole year working on various aspects of the whole shot – the lap that relates to the whole.

The result was, among other things, that the creativity flourished. The women became lighter, livelier, smarter, happier – and much stronger. At one time they became more miserable, softer and loving, but at the same time better to feel themselves, set limits and take leadership to co-operate the reality they longed for. Everyone has also – as a side win – got a far better relationship with men, not least their own.

Therefore feminine sexuality is a solid ingredient in my progress in feminine leadership .

If you want to join, then look more at

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Why deal with the Holy Lap?

In this little video you can see why I learn about the Maria Magdalene’s power on my progress in feminine leadership. lives in the lap.

In 2018 I will make progress in FEMININT LEADERSHIP.The wisdom, and some of the recordings from the course HELLIGE SKØD, are included in the course.

The wisdom of the Holy Shot is also included in the version of the education I make for business women, as I think it is vital that women begin to take their sexual power seriously as a resource in leadership. The holy shot is the seat of our creativity and our connection to something as crucial as the sense of what is good and bad for us, as well as the sense of divine timing.

The holy shot can be used as our GPS, and it can be used as anchor. It can be used as a magnet and as an antidote to stress. It is the seat of Feminin Kraft.

So how can we believe we can escape the holy shot of our leadership? It’s just the invisible secret superpower found in the lap as needed, both at home, at work and in the world.

If you are interested in learning / practicing a feminine leadership, now with a shot, you can see more about the 2018 courses here: