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The feminine version of masculine discipline

Is there a feminine heritage from Møller?

I have never been interested in Mærsk McKinney Møller, feeling most reluctant when I heard that my mother-in-law, like her male colleagues, did not receive a pension allowance for the 12 years she worked for his airline because she was a woman. Or when I looked at it, to my taste, barely so pretty opera collide. Or when I heard about another person who had knocked dedicated to Mr. Møller, and was discarded because of imperfections.

But as Goddesses know, there are always many more shades in a person than their media image reflects. And because of Mr. Møller’s death, I became interested in discovering who he was.

An extraordinary person in many ways I got an impression of. Dedicated to his mission. In integrity with its values. And able to stay for himself, no matter what others thought about him.

That way, he is very goddessful in my optics. He took a powerful leadership, literally, for the company he inherited from his father and produced positive results, for example in the form of over 100,000 jobs. He became an inspiration for many others. He was himself, even though others did not understand him or agree with him. He spread lots of rings in the water. He was overcrowded, thoughtful and mad to women.

Nevertheless, I do not think feminine leaders can use him as a role model. Because it is not about unilateral focus, linear thinking and respect for authorities, but about flexibility, creativity and overall.

Men der er noget vi kan bruge. And it is Møller’s closest militarist discipline. Jeg tror ikke vi bør bruke det som en autoritativ diktat å nå vårt yttermål. Rather as an inner dedication to serve our visions, wishes and wishes. We moeten niet alleen worden gedisciplineerd in relatie tot de buitenlandse carrière, maar invariably toegewijd aan de innerlijke.

For example, the feminine dedication goes on to be the top talent aware of its thoughts and language, in the awareness that both create realities. It is about having a daily practice that brings us out of the head and into the body where feminine wisdom, vitality and genius live. And it’s about opening the heart to ourselves and others, be willing to feel all sorts of feelings. It’s about giving priority to enjoyment, giving what we want to receive, as well as creating networks that nurture and lift us.

This kind of requires a dedicated effort because many of us have just been training in the opposite: in worrying. Feared for the future. Doubt to ourselves and our ability. Feel wrong. Let’s hurt us. Mangle relationship between body, spirit and mind. Mud the relationships. because we do not want to take responsibility or look at our shadows. And so on.

And this course does not lead to the extraordinary life many dream about.

So what’s your feminine version of masculine discipline? Tell us and let’s inspire each other. I am myself dedicated to the following:

* Overall: Do not neglect any areas of life.

* A morning ritual where I feel what the body needs, followed by meditation. Here I set the course for the day.

* A feminine career leadership that is not just about expediting tasks, but about remembering to stop and check if I do what complies with my vision, using the shortest possible shortcut, with the greatest possible enjoyment.

* In relation to the family, my dedication to the feminine love’s leadership is: listening, inviting what I am calling for, being present, communicating, even the hardest, to examine my thoughts when they lead to suffering and conflicts, setting boundaries with one hand and giving unconditional love with the other, continuing to unfold new aspects of sensuality and sexuality, etc.

* Networking: Having the best relationships with inspiring people that inspire me to stretch

* Lifelong learning – I’m always starting to learn new, thank goddess. Always teaches only what’s going on.

Dedication is not about perfection but about constant practice.

Therefore, it makes sense to gather and practice together, in the area of ​​life after life. Scientific research has shown that we move much faster and easier when we move together.

If you feel like that, be welcome on my course in feminine (business) leadership.

What are you dedicated to?

And how does your dedication stand out?



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