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Why deal with the Holy Lap?

In this little video you can see why I learn about the Maria Magdalene’s power on my progress in feminine leadership. lives in the lap.

In 2018 I will make progress in FEMININT LEADERSHIP.The wisdom, and some of the recordings from the course HELLIGE SKØD, are included in the course.

The wisdom of the Holy Shot is also included in the version of the education I make for business women, as I think it is vital that women begin to take their sexual power seriously as a resource in leadership. The holy shot is the seat of our creativity and our connection to something as crucial as the sense of what is good and bad for us, as well as the sense of divine timing.

The holy shot can be used as our GPS, and it can be used as anchor. It can be used as a magnet and as an antidote to stress. It is the seat of Feminin Kraft.

So how can we believe we can escape the holy shot of our leadership? It’s just the invisible secret superpower found in the lap as needed, both at home, at work and in the world.

If you are interested in learning / practicing a feminine leadership, now with a shot, you can see more about the 2018 courses here:


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